Junior Primary News

Grade R News

Grade R - Mrs Norris

14 June 2019

Each week my children tell us about their exciting weekend they had during news time.

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Grade R - Mrs Mundy

07 June 2019

Future World Changers!

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Grade R - Mrs Botha

31 May 2019

If I were the president for the day…

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Grade R - Miss Killian

24 May 2019

Pizza Day

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Grade 1 News

Grade 1 - Mrs Jordaan

17 May 2019

Meatless Mondays

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Grade 1 - Mrs Letord

10 May 2019

Our mom’s are so important in our lives and with Mother’s Day on Sunday, we thought about why we love them so much! My mom is special because …

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Grade 1 - Mrs Barnard

03 May 2019

Our Grade 1's have settled into the school year very comfortably and know our daily routines well! Mrs Barnard asked some of her children a few questions and this is what they had to say…

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Grade 1 - Mrs Cilliers

26 April 2019

"The Grade ones are mastering the art of writing on lines. They are thoroughly enjoying their writing lessons and can be so proud of the beautiful work they are producing".

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Grade 1 - Mrs Muthen

18 April 2019

We have started writing on lines this term and there has been much excitement in the classroom. Look at the beautiful news they have been writing.

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Grade 2 News

Grade 2 - Mrs Brand

12 April 2019

Grade 2 Brand LOVES art.

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Grade 2 - Mrs Lovett/Rogers

05 April 2019

My favourite holiday.

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Grade 2 - Mrs Lawson

15 March 2019

The children made posters using bubble maps to learn more about themselves. We drew ourselves in the middle and each bubble showed some of our favourite things.

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Grade 2 - Mrs Christoforos

08 March 2019

On Thursday, 28th February 2019 our Grade 2’s went on an exciting excursion to the Sharks Board. We watched a clip on the responsibilities of the Sharks Board. We then got to watch someone dissect a Dusky shark. After that we got to explore the museum side. Here is what just a few of our children had to say about the Sharks Board:

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Grade 2 - Miss Logan

01 March 2019

What it means to be a good friend

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Grade 3 News

Grade 3 - Mrs Mathurine

22 February 2019

Creative Writing

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Grade 3 - Mrs Daniel

15 February 2019

I asked my class: What do you think love is all about and whom do you love the most and why?

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Grade 3 - Mrs Wells

08 February 2019

Mrs Wells’ class chose how they want to spend 2019.

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Grade 3 - Mrs Naidoo

01 February 2019

Mrs Naidoo’s class has learned the different Maths vocabulary using a classifying tree map. The class discussed the different vocabulary and were then required to write on paper. The children had fun doing this and were very excited to use their gel pens for the first time this year.

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Grade 3 - Mrs Jacobs

25 January 2019

The children were writing a story about Spotty the little dog that was going to school. They first had to plan their lesson on a Circle Map.

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Cultural News

Sport News

General News

Notice of a By-Election of the Governing Body of Chelsea Preparatory School

13 February 2019

Notice of a By-Election of the Governing Body of Chelsea Preparatory School

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28 January 2019

Join Think ahead's teacher coding workshops presented at Chelsea Prep

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Letter - Milldene Park Retirement Village

07 December 2018

Northway Campus grade 3 choir spent the morning singing Christmas Carols for the residents of Milldene Park Retirement Village.

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2019 School Calendar

01 November 2018

2019 School Calendar

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Letter - Safety and Security

07 September 2018

Letter - Safety and Security

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